Living life in the simplest format

As I embarked on my journey to having fun, I saw the most thrilling site I ever saw in my life. No it wasn’t a girl 😏, no it wasn’t the scenery(although nature amazes me and wow the view of the birds and mountains was beautiful) , and definitely no it wasn’t food. It was an elderly man walking gingerly towards his boat.

The elderly guy seemed to have faced the world with a great heart, his body ready to fall apart but yet still he moves forward. He moves so cautious, step by step making an effort to put one foot in front of the other in his movements to his establishment,a boat, yes I said it a cockleshell I believe it’s the name of this boat type. The boat looked just like him , flimsy and ready to capsize. Yet still I wondered how is he making it in this world. Anyway he moved at a pace of a snail towards this boat and people started exclaiming around me “OMG he is going to fall over the ocean or he is so old is he ok” I laughed in my head and thought that this elderly guy did this over and over and it’s a routine to him. In saying that he made it in his boat and went his way to whatever journey he was going on.

Now I don’t have information on what he does or his history but I can tell you that life is about perspectives and his is probably a story to be written in the books or it can be a mundane story of survival. I can assure you that it made me realize more and more what my dream is. Live the best life you can live with the people you love. I don’t know if he have loved ones but he is getting by, he is surviving and with no care in the world. I appreciate this lesson of humility you thought me Mr. Elderly Guy. My fun today won’t be enough to what the world brings you in the simplest of formats. Thank God for the mercies you gave me and the signs to the longevity of life and to future success.

Strategy for investments

I am learning ways to reason with economic struggles in this country, How I learnt you would ask? I learnt and still learning through books, people and You Tube clips. Just a synopsis of what I learnt.

*The law of income – output is the only metric that counts since we live in a result driven world, focus on output rather than input.

*The more you learn, the more you earn- Gaining knowledge in reading books can have you ready for most situations and also have your mind-set ready for the most uncanny of situations.

*Focus on opportunities not obstacles – This mind-set is becoming more and more understandable to me. For you all to understand I would make an example. ” A shoe salesman went to a tribe that walked bare footed and said to himself that ” they are always bare foot I won’t get any sales here”, he proceeded to leave and met another Shoe Salesman and told him that ” You don’t want to do business here they are all bare footed”. The other Shoe Salesman said ” What an opportunity they are bare footed”.

*Association with positive and successful people – People would always relate their success to you and this in turn would make it easier for you to gain success.

*Be willing to promote yourself and your value – Don’t get stick with the humble mentality and say” I have skill but I don’t want to show it, I rather say low and watch others do it”. WHY? WHEN YOU CAN DO IT BETTER? Never second guess yourself.

*Being average is a precursor to financial mediocrity, sell yourself when trying to get ahead

*Always grow bigger than your problems – if you have a broken foot use the other foot to get ahead.

*Think “both” and discard “Either or ” – $5 for an apple and$ 5 for a pear, a poor man who only has 5 dollars would only think they can only buy one but a rich person mentality would be how best/ in what way I can get both. One way of doing that is investing in something like bottle water a 24 pack for $5 then sell back one for50 cents earning $12 so now u can but both and in case you have to do again a $2 to start the next investment.

*Be dollar smart, investing in yourself is good networking and volunteering regularly.

* Money is a tool nothing more nothing less money is what you use for the reign on wealth and richness.

5% – of the planet is generational wealth

15%- the middle class (those with house, have savings, going on vacations to other countries.

80%- A. Have to work to make money Dependent on the government

Also note: get incorporated please

In the 80% you get a check and put it in a personal account

In the 15%


In the 5%

D’ Past, D’ Present and D’ Future

Day 1 of Peace

I am still in a spirit of doubt, but I know it has to be done, I appreciate the most out of everything but having lost D’ Past, D’ Present and D’ Future in one week makes me realize this path is the correct path. My face is focused and rearing to go through stumbling blocks because I would just be another statistic. I am still sad about losing all in one swipe but I know my success is more important. I never once hurt any of them but I came out the one pained and wounded.  So my goal for this period is to focus on myself and God and of course my family. People have a recurring fear when going through these situations, I just want to reach my greatest goal. The value of someone in my life is reached when I start to care, I am extremely weary of all that been happening in my life. What D’ Present said to me racked my brain, she said ” Liu you are very genuine and truthful but you have a slyness about you that can be easily misread as deceit”  This rocked my whole aura as my pride didn’t let me admit it to her, she was ultimately right.The smell of fresh air and challenges for the future motivate me. I can only be myself and in losing, D’ Past, D Present and D’ Future. I lost a lot of friends.This allowed me to be in the best state I can be in, A sense of calmness and no worries. I am so happy that bliss didn’t take control of me, to get me carried away in something that isn’t there. Yes I know I am definitely not the nicest guy out here but I know my qualities are great.


Another One

I remember the days you use to compliment me now all you do is resent me,

All you have to do is tell me and we would be what we wanted finally,

But I would be the one to always lock eyes with you,

So much emotions with this so be grateful I still have bliss,

You have your puppets at your feet but I am no Pinocchio and I definitely don’t lie,

But I still would be the one to lock eyes with you…Wow!!

Cruising through life on your own beat living the best one you can,

Your feathers so bright no one can cage you,

Moving your pieces on your chess board but I am no pawn, I am the chess master,

I lead the pack like an alpha male and I would devour you if you don’t follow,

The world on my shoulders but I never falter,

Giving you my time as you in front of the line,

You are afraid to give me a chance but this isn’t monopoly,

But I would monopolize this whole situation,

Still got your bows but I can’t wear it, so I keep it as a souvenir to show off to the world,

Midas touch in your veins as you always reach where you seek,

Vision of a prophetess and purpose of a queen you are the unpolished diamond in the dirt,

Aura of grace and demeanour of an angel you slowly caress this world,

As those you care about seek your presence infinitely

As I ponder

As I ponder I see a crack in the armor one of remorse and bloodstain, one of encouragement and value of heart. People say that pride is a hell of a drug but I would like to sniff humility. My heart produces love for myself and praises my contrast of life. I would never become a product of my hate because even the strongest people have a weakness. I am happy in this spiritual cleanse. The grass is greener, the sky clearer and the stars illuminate my path. Grateful are we in time of need, not want because love is always there. Is it possible that good fortune comes to those who work hard for it? Blessings always flow in my yard. How is it that I can’t find my peace, my love, my hope, my belief? It has nothing to do with these trying times, it has a lot to do with me. Butterfly’s glide across my destination mainly because they sleep on the roses, they make the moths jealous. The locust feed on crops but leave the flowers to bloom, it’s as if emotions run deep in the background filled with hate, despair and jealousy. God always have a plan in this God forsaken world, hence we have faith.

People are generally forgiving when the pain is on them but turn the tides and ignorance reigns. This is the destruction of the world, the caring values of living in a none caring world. If men and women could care for one another the breeze of fulfillment would caress our face. We deal with issues as not to care about each other. We move on and keep thoughts inert to destroy all possible values of love and hope. Giving circumstances of never giving up or being determined process the governance of the love and constrain of your mind. Grave danger comes to all who don’t learn lessons from tribulation. Life is a journey I see it as a game and I am beating this mother fcker right now. Easy come Easy Go so I learnt that it isn’t a game but a blessing as I face it courageously in every plight and in every aspect. People who are of pretense and goes about stuff with no regard for anyone are just a right hook karma punch that would have you falling to the ground. If you fall for this, then hold on to the ropes and climb back up step by step to achieve the greatness of life. Advise is a giving take all and choose the best you can take always bring the best in life. Achievement is a milestone for your life its importance is for you no one else. Remember that gracious are those who don’t achieve. As people become enlighten to become the growing pain in your head you just believe in life and not strife. I have gratitude to God for my love and care that makes my heart fonder. I am Gracious God for all the blessing you brought to my heart.


Why does it hurt so badly when you love someone who doesn’t know? I have been in love with her from the time we met & she loves someone else. If it hurts, it burns; I am at cross roads of my life, so much so that I am always confused. I am determined to be the person I want to be but life just makes it harder, the fact that her face is carved in my memory makes it impossible to forget. I know my heart is in pain already so a man I shalt be and I shalt focus on the positivity of my life. She doesn’t even suit my type as a woman but I can see through her thorns and I know she is not what she makes herself to be. I want her, not for her body but for her heart. She has the utmost potential to be great at anything she puts her mind to & she always uses her charm to get what she wants. That is so funny because I admire those qualities; it makes my expectation of her higher. I am always happy for her and I have held her in extremely high regard. I would never tell her how I feel because it would complicate her life and mines. I know life have a lot of surprises for me because God always have a path to you becoming, I have realised that I am grieving and it hurts a lot maybe because I can’t express my true feelings towards her. The whole world could be given to me but maybe I just want this diamond, the diamond that I can help polish the diamond in the rough. God paves my path and I believe in him but I just feel like a broken man without her. The mind is a maze and I don’t think I would ever find the end. If this is love I never felt it before it pains my soul to the core, especially with that carved picture of her in my head. I am positive I would try to be the best person around her the one that can be the great man I want to be. The man, who dreams of changing the world, the man never giving up and pushing forward on the goals of my life. I do love her but for our life to move forward I must let her be. She must have all opportunities to be who she wants, to make all decisions on her own, if she felt a minute amount of the same way I would have known. May be grace would make us suitors or just passer-by’s, who am I to change faith. I am extremely happy but yet sad, reasons being she would never know. I am a constant change in life and I believe that I would find myself soon, it’s like changing skin every day to the right man I am to be which is Me. The grief, disappointments, envy and hurt keeps me motivated to move forward to be a Great Man. I would achieve everything but I leave this in God hands.

This is the life of a guy who doesn’t care about himself but others also. It’s hard and trivial road to go down but it’s worth it to me. I always have people who comes in to my life take what they want from me and move on, but with her I could never see that happening, I try all how to see if she would leave my side and it’s not even remotely possible. Through this experience I am sure that I can thoroughly explain what love is and what it does to you. Never once, I thought negatively towards her but I would always be the guy that gives her the best, even if she always angry at me for it. I even thought of just escaping this hurt because it keeps hurting me more and more, it’s like poison that just keeps you at the brink of death forever. One day you would see this and know it’s you whom I speak of and all I can say is I hope it’s not too late and thanks for all the memoirs and happy times.


The Secret of Life (Uno)

The secret life of being alone is the motivation of success, stories and cases of proclamation when is the process of standard currencies to became one. I found myself lost in the contradictions of my controls and constrains. A victim of circumstance, whom belongings rest in the place of beginnings, the soul is to be healed and sorted out as a program. The level of suicidal beliefs is far beyond the joy of a spiritual form. God can I be a villain and earn the trust of one of faith. We followed the teachings of the old the history of the bold and greed for the gold. Juncture becomes the reason of belief that causes the years to pile of stress and need. Pasture goes and we relax in the amazement of greatness. Why do we fight each other, jealousy, power or pure torture? The devil is on earth and roaming, rampant on courage of the weakness of flesh. My meat that isn’t tendered as fuck.  This is the reasons for the seasons of both spring and summer in the winter of your life because autumn is the falling and not the rising up. How can we become the generation that takes hold through violence of the apparent realisation of another race. A race defines to bring us together. This belongs to the host of the earthlings that take and take and don’t give the grace of never before meals that grows to generation to generation, the positive values of bringing the negative to the forefront of each show and facade. This creates an envelope in which we thing we are safe but we are not. This thought which forced us to work together in chains to break free.

Stoicism – the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings without complaint